User Profiles Usage Guidelines from Microsoft

Glancing over the new entries at MSDN for SharePoint, I noticed an article by the name of “Capitalizing On the Social Network Capabilities of SharePoint Server 2007 User Profiles”, written by Antoine Atallah and Martin Gagné from Microsoft.


The article is compact and easy to follow. It outlines the architecture of user profiles, with special attention to social relations such as peer, colleagues, direct reports, managers and group membership. It also provides quick code samples for user profile management.

The article was of interest to me because I am very familiar with user profiles of MOSS. I recently developed a set of SharePoint Designer workflow activities that expose user profile properties.

Import a Specific Active Directory Group User Profiles

Sometimes we want SharePoint to import only the user profiles of those user that belong to one specific Active Directory group. In this case we have to modify the import connection query expression in Shared Services Provider.

In this case we want all the users of the group Employees (in Groups OU) of the domain to be imported: