Another SharePoint 14/2009/2010 Leak

This time the guys at the Microsoft Support have leaked some juicy details about the next version of SharePoint. In their description of the (not yet) delivered Service Pack 2 for SharePoint 2007 issues, they mention few issues related to the pre-upgrade check. This check is supposed to be run when you want to upgrade to the new version of SharePoint (even they leaked the name of the next WSS, which is called Windows SharePoint Services 4.0, but the review process has promptly replaced this reference to “next version of SharePoint”). Reading these descriptions, we can almost certainly confirm:

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SharePoint v14 / 2009 Feature List

Let’s do a quick recap about what we could expect from the next version of SharePoint from Microsoft:

Feature Summary Probability Source(s)
64-bit only The SharePoint v14 / 2009 will be shipped only as x64 installation CONFIRMED TechNet
Silverlight Silverlight 2.0 webparts or UI will be present. MOST PROBABLY Speculation
Super-Lists SQL tables-like behaviour for SharePoint lists PROBABLY Bill Gates
Groove Integration If the user has Groove client installed, more options will be displayed for data synchronization, in more seamless way. PROBABLY Ray Ozzie
Master Data Management Master data source for keeping only one version of the truth. This data can be surfaced as SQL Server views or SharePoint data. In essence, a rebranded and somewhat expanded version of Stratature product +EDM, now known as Codename “Bulldog”. MOST PROBABLY Wikipedia
Microsoft MDM
XHTML-compliant output SharePoint UI will produce clean XHTML-compliant output. PROBABLY Speculation
FAST search integration FAST-based enterprise search as a Search replacement. Webparts that show FAST search results. MAYBE CMS Watch
ODF and PDF support Custom filters won’t be necessary to index and extract metadata from ODF and PDF files. PROBABLY Microsoft
CMIS support Content Management Interoperability Services will allow SharePoint to communicate with other ECMs via web services. MOST PROBABLY Microsoft
Claims-based Authentication mechanism Decouples the authentication mechanism from its implementation. It will enable SharePoint to use any interoperable authentication mechanism to authenticate the users. MAYBE Network World

Even More SharePoint 2009 Evidence

  • Master Data Management: It seems that Microsoft last year acquisition of Stratature will result in their MDM mechanism being a part of Office 14 servers, as announced on the roadmap.
    What’s Master Data Management? See Wikipedia entry for instance, I imagine it being a “reference” framework for your enterprise data, something like content types but on steroids.
  • Technology Adoption Program (TAP) Nominations are open for Office 14, meaning that selected customers and partners will soon receive the beta.
  • This blog entry affirms that:
    • SharePoint is internally available since February in Microsoft
    • It rocks!

SharePoint 2009 Will Be x64 Only

(In addition to my previous blog entry speculating about the features of the next version of SharePoint)

  • the SharePoint 2009 will be available only in 64 bits mode
  • the number of the next version is more likely to be “SharePoint 2009” (as leaked in Podcasting Kit for SharePoint FAQ, and quickly “corrected” by Microsoft)

As always when discussing future versions, the standard disclaimer: this information is based solely on my experience with SharePoint and public information and it is not even remotely official.