Activate Windows 8 Enterprise License without Volume Activation

I was trying to activate my company’s Windows 8 Enterprise license but I was met repeatedly with the “No DNS Servers Configured: Code 0x8007267C” error during activation. It is caused by the missing Volume Activation Management Tool deployed in the company Active Directory. However, we still haven’t deployed this setup but I wanted to activate my license.

In the previous version of Windows, you could change the key into a MAK (Multiple Activation Key) and then activate it without hassle. In Windows 8 this possibility is still available, but it is somewhat hidden.

You should run the following tool to change the key and activate Windows online:

  • slui.exe 3 (for online activation)
  • slui.exe 4 (for phone activation)

I hope that it helps.

Vista Enterprise Volume Activation Error 0x8007232B

I’ve been trying to activate my corporate Vista Enterprise license, as I reinstalled Vista in 64 bits mode. I tried to activate online and I met this error message from Windows Activation utility:


DNS name does not exist.

First I thought that my proxy or firewall settings were wrong. However, the reason for this error is that Vista volume license images ship with a generic Product Key. You have to change this product key to match your company’s MAK (Multiple Activation Key).

I changed it and Vista activation was a breeze. If only Microsoft would change the nondescript error message with something like “Your Product Key has not been set. Please enter your Volume MAK key“. Maybe in SP1?