Helpful SharePoint Tool for Solution Deployment Automation

I decided to give a try to a new tool that has been published at CodePlex, called SharePoint Solution Deployer (SPSD). It is built to automate solution deployment in different environments.

SPSD SharePoint Solution Deployer

The tool is built with PowerShell by Mattias Einig (Swedish SharePoint guys) and it’s made of a close-knit scripts that do the deployment in the following fashion:

  • The environment data is set as a XML config file, one per each environment
  • The solution WSP is dropped in a specific folder
  • Deploy script is run. It retracts the solution from all the servers, resets or recycles IIS and/or SharePoint services, uploads and deploys the solution, all with nice progress information.
  • You can also run pre and post deployment PowerShell scripts, if you need to ensure some non-SharePoint settings.

It’s very simple to configure: it’s just the XML environment file and your WSP file(s) and it runs smoothly.


Give the tool a try and make your own opinion.

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