How Did The Prediction End on SP2010?

January 13, 2010

More than a year ago, I wrote a summary post about the rumours and buzz around the next version of SharePoint (SP2010). My post has seen a lot of translations and links to it from different blogs. Now I’d like to revisit it and check what has been correctly predicted and what has not.

Let’s see how do I stand as a crystal-ball reader.

The SharePoint v14 / 2009 will be shipped only as x64 installationIncluded in SP2010

Silverlight 2.0 webparts or UI will be present.

Included in SP2010
SQL tables-like behaviour for SharePoint listsIncluded in SP2010 as External Content Types
If the user has Groove client installed, more options will be displayed for data synchronization, in more seamless way.Included in SP2010 as SharePoint Workspace
Master data source for keeping only one version of the truth.Included in SP2010 as centralized metadata management
SharePoint UI will produce clean XHTML-compliant output.Not included in SP2010. The output is WCAG-compliant (no tables) but not strict XHTML.
FAST-based enterprise search as a Search replacement. Webparts that show FAST search results.Included in Enterprise license of SP2010
Custom filters won’t be necessary to index and extract metadata from ODF and PDF files.Not included in SP2010. Third-party IFilters are still necessary
Content Management Interoperability Services will allow SharePoint to communicate with other ECMs via web services.Included in SP2010
Claims-based Authentication mechanismIncluded in SP2010

8 out of 10 predictions turned true. Maybe I’ve been in the wrong industry all this time :-)

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