Follow Me At The SharePoint Conference In Las Vegas

October 14, 2009

Yes, I’ll be attending the SharePoint Conference 2009 (SPC09) next week in Las Vegas, Nevada. I will leave this Saturday for Las Vegas (via JFK) and I hope to arrive Saturday afternoon.

This conference is going to be HUGE!!! More than 7000 participants! More than 15 simultaneous sessions for every slot!! This makes the choice of which sessions to attend a very challenging task indeed.


I will inform regularly about the conference at this blog and on my Twitter page. (Yes, I succumbed to Twitter SharePoint takeover, mainly thanks to Joel’s positive comments).

Of course, I’ll post the MOST embarassing photos of the SharePint squad meeting at the Mandalay Bay Casino Lounge. No doubt!

In the spare time (is there any?), I plan to visit the Las Vegas Museum of Atomic Testing, it has certainly piqued my curiosity.


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