Review: Five Ways SharePoint Can Save You Money

Microsoft released few months ago a business-oriented guide that explains how businesses can actually save money in these times of crisis using SharePoint.

The essence of the whitepaper is that you can either reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) or increase the return on investment (ROI). SharePoint can help the company to achieve both objectives.

The actions that reduce TCO are:

  • Reduce IT costs and complexity
    • Use a single platform for your enterprise applications
    • Single license and support
  • Reduce development costs
    • Use out-of-the-box features to save time
    • Leverage your existing ASP.NET knowledge
  • Simplify management and training
    • Single interface for IT Administrators and Power Users

The actions that increase ROI are:

  • Improve employee productivity
    • Collaboration tools, Web 2.0, workflows, business forms
  • Enhance the effectiveness of sales and customer service
    • Aggregate the business information across the enterprise


Download the guide from Microsoft Download Center

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