Another SharePoint 14/2009/2010 Leak

This time the guys at the Microsoft Support have leaked some juicy details about the next version of SharePoint. In their description of the (not yet) delivered Service Pack 2 for SharePoint 2007 issues, they mention few issues related to the pre-upgrade check. This check is supposed to be run when you want to upgrade to the new version of SharePoint (even they leaked the name of the next WSS, which is called Windows SharePoint Services 4.0, but the review process has promptly replaced this reference to “next version of SharePoint”). Reading these descriptions, we can almost certainly confirm:

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Windows Defender Update and the Page Error in Development Web Server

Another of the strange, unexplained errors with a simple (yet unexpected) cause.


You are developing an ASP.NET Site or Web Project in Visual Studio 2005/2008. You start the Debug process. Your browser window opens with a message:

Page Load Error


The page cannot be found.

Additionally, you have Windows Defender installed on your machine.


A flawed update of the Windows Defender removes the localhost entries from hosts file in windowssystem32devicesetc folder.


Manually add the following entries back to the hosts file: localhost

More details:–/news/112814