Essential SharePoint Books: Part II (Intermediate)

Intermediate Level Books

Title Author Publisher Description Audience My Rating
Inside Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 Ted Pattison
Daniel Larson
Microsoft Press One of the best books to quicky get into SharePoint development. Condensed and with lot of sample code to try. It also has a chapter on writing ASP.NET AJAX web parts. Developers 9/10
Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Unleashed Michael Noel
Colin Spence
Sams Quite a good book for power-users, but the developers won’t much information for them. Administrators
Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed Kevin Hoffman
Robert Foster
Sams The developer’s companion to the previous book. It doesn’t go into much detail anywhere but it’s still a fair introduction and mid-level book for SharePoint developers. It has a few typos in the source code, though. Developers 7/10
Essential SharePoint: Delivering High-Impact Collaboration Scott Jamison
Mauro Cardarelli
Addison-Wesley Concise and nicely summarized book about the business applications for SharePoint, with special attention to planning and information architecture. Analysts

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