How to Boost the Volume in Windows Media Player

I’m disappointed about how my stylish Sony VAIO built-in speakers sound so weak compared to my older HP laptop equipped with sleek Altec-Lansing built-in speakers. I used to get my neighbours to complaint when I was listening music, and now sometimes I can barely hear the movie dialogue, even in silence. Not to mention if I try to watch the movie in a crowded train, with headphones.

First I tried a Media Player add-on called DFX, but it’s volume booster was unnoticeable, although its modulating enhancers were good enough.

There’s a out-of-the-box option to boost the volume, too:

  • Right-click the WMP toolbar to show the menu
  • Choose View / Enhancements / Graphic Equalizer


  • Turn on, if turned off
  • Move all the sliders to the top


This will give you somewhat higher volume, but in some cases it may be too distorted to be usable. Works ok for me, most of the time.

34 thoughts on “How to Boost the Volume in Windows Media Player”

  1. thank you thank you!

    I’ve had to shut off my AC to watch videos and sweat through them because I couldn’t hear them

    I didn’t want to go through some process of converting them to some higher volume so I typed in “boost windows media player volume” and this is where I found 🙂

  2. This only works for music,
    there is no possibility to change the equalizer frequencies when playing a DVD!

  3. Awesome. I finally got around to try solving my issue, expecting it to be some onerous pain in my ass, instead, you delivered a simple, effective solution. Thanks!

  4. It multiplied my volume by like three four times. I almost went deaf when I started the movie back up =D

  5. Krishnan, there is a button called “Turn on” when you show the Graphic Equalizers. You have to be in the “Playing Now” window.

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