“Access Denied” when Editing Task in a Workflow

This one was *really* weird stuff.

– There is a SPD-created workflow that creates successive approval tasks, using Collect Data From a User action
– This workflow is hosted on a subsite that has unique security
– After the workflow is created, I add a new user with Full Control permissions over the site, let’s call him johndoe
– Johndoe initiates a workflow, as he wants to try the workflow
– The workflow creates a task for another user, as expected
Johndoe clicks the task in the task list, it shows the task data, as expected (johndoe has Full Control over the site, right?)
Johndoe clicks the “Edit Item” to impersonate the user
“Access denied” message appears!

I wandered why a user who has Full Control rights over the site cannot edit a task. The task itself had inherited permissions from the host site, giving johndoe Full Control over itself. Extensive Googling took me to this MSDN Forum post.

I tried the suggested solution of publishing the site to a local disk. After this, johndoe can edit the task. It smells like a bug inside SharePoint workflow infrastructure.

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